About us


Khalanga Autobody originally began as T&C Autobody in 1996 in a warehouse out in Roodekop, repairing security fleet vehicles damaged from suspect chasing, gunshots and having to conquer all sorts of terrain, T&C Autobody also enjoyed the hobby of rebuilding motor vehicles.

Founded by Heather Carmody, and supported by her growing boys, Calvin Holland and Grant Holland, T&C Autobody is a family owned and family run business.

Calvin and Grant’s first sets of wheels started out as mangled and rolled piles of future homemade braais, and after many weeks of pounding at the steel, 2 VW Polo Classics drove out, immaculate, with full body conversion kits too (they were still young boys at the time, as much as Heather tried to sway them from the lowered side sills and boot spoilers – they wouldn’t listen) and this is how Heather’s sons landed face first in the motor industry too.

Grant continued in the family business while studying Criminal Law part time and Calvin decided to spread his wings beyond Africa’s outskirts, he moved to England for 2 years sussing out the Panelbeating industry over there, learning new techniques and touching new metal.

T&C Autobody was re-established as Khalanga Autobody in hopes of keeping up with “modern times” and relocated into Boksburg, and Calvin had returned home from his England journey with so much more to bring to the table in the family business, teaching all he had learnt, to the loyal and long standing staffing body.

Calvin and Grant were finally lured into the industry deeper, both sons became Motor Vehicle Assessors for well known insurance companies, being promoted numerous times – assessing managers, team managers, regional managers
After his taste of all 4 corners to the Motor Industry, Calvin had to return to takeover the workshop that Heather began in the industrial alley’s of Roodekop 14 years earlier, Heather had fallen ill and could no longer keep the wheels turning alone.

Khalanga Autobody or KAB Collision Repair Centre as we like to trade as remains a competing Autobody repair shop in the East Rand, Heather’s brother and daughter, Garyth Carmody and Bianca Holland, have joined the family establishment willing to take on any vehicle, with any challenge and determined to take it on for another 40 years!